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    work to keep our kids off drugs and alcohol - help keep families together - help people return to work and make our community a better place to live.

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    of Recovery

    artwork created by local consumers

Our Futures

Our Futures In Licking County, Mental Health & Recovery Services For Licking and Know Counties is a partner and funding source for Our Futures in Licking County project. Our Futures In Licking County is working to improve the development of healthy and productive youth while reducing risk factors associated with substance abuse, crime, violence and school dropout rates. Licking County youth recently completed the Pride survey which establishes a baseline to measure program success. Representatives throughout the county are uniting to identify low-cost, measurable, evidence-based strategies to accomplish the goals. Committees include representatives from schools, business, media, youth, parents, youth-serving organizations, law enforcement, religious organizations, civic and volunteer groups, health care professionals and governmental agencies.

For information about Our Futures - click here.

Triple P

Our Futures in Licking County has identified the Triple P Positive Parenting Program as an evidenced-based program that will help to strengthen our community. In a recent study in South Carolina, Triple P was shown to reduce the risk factors of child abuse and family violence (Prinz, et.al. 2009) through its positive parenting strategies.

In 2009, a local coalition from Our Futures began to meet with researchers and other individuals to learn more about the program. The program involves training groups of education and mental health professionals, who then provide Triple P services to parents throughout the community.

To learn more about Triple P - click here.